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What is Clinical Hypnosis?

People often ask me "What Is The Difference Between Clinical Hypnosis and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique?"

I hold an accreditation in both healing modalities!


Clinical Hypnosis can be used with adults, adolescents and young children, while the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) is only recommended for clients 18 years of age and older, due to the nature of the complex concepts involved with regression therapy.


In Clinical Hypnosis, with my help, you willingly allow yourself to relax into an altered state of mind. You will reach a deeply relaxed state where your Ego is quieted, leaving you free from judgment and criticism.  Underneath your every day waking state is the Subconscious mind. Your Subconscious mind wants only two things for you.


  1. To be happy

  2. To be healthy


Your Subconscious mind is actually responsible for 85% of your decisions and actions.  The Ego or Conscious mind (awake mind) is responsible for only 15% of your decisions.  Most people laugh upon reading this because they believe it is the other way around.


Clinical Hypnosis can help alter beliefs, the understanding of situations and habits.  Clinical Hypnosis can help you access and discover the parts of your Subconscious that hold the keys to negative beliefs, emotions and actions.  Once these beliefs and emotions are uncovered, I can work with you to change and release these negative beliefs and actions replacing them with more positive, transformative beliefs serving your highest potential.


In all hypnosis there has to be a willingness on the part of the client to be open and ready to make a change!.  A change that will bring about a more positive, happy, peaceful contented life.


In Quantum Healing Hypnosis you also enter into a deeply relaxed hypnotic state using visualization and voice cadence.  We also bypass the Conscious mind and connect to the Subconscious as in Clinical Hypnosis.  And through this connection we will thread an even deeper connection to the Superconscious which is considered the "Higher Mind" or highest consciousness of the individual.


Because of the complexity of the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique it is not used with children and adolescents.  However adults can act as  Surrogates to help bring about change and healing to others when previous consent has been given for the process. Consent is not required for your children in your immediate family as you are responsible for them until 18 years of age or (adulthood).  Healing other children will require previous consent from their parents.  All healing is brought forth through The Quantum Field allowing for the client to be somewhere different logistically if necessary.


I currently use Clinical Hypnosis to effect change for children and adults regarding sleep issues and insomnia.


I use Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique for adults only for:  Discovering Your Life's Purpose, Understanding Relationships, to reveal your inner wisdom, eliminate fear, remove aches and pains, manage depression and grief, control habits and addictions, to curb stress and to discover past lives for healing emotionally and physically.

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