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Lynne Benton

Certified Clinical Hypnotist

Certified QHHT Practitioner

"If the mind is powerful enough to make you sick, it is powerful enough to heal you." - Dolores Cannon, Founder of QHHT


Much has transpired in the last seven years of practicing Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) and I am excited to share these updates with you. My insight into others and myself has helped me live a fuller life of purpose, led with an open heart for all, and especially for those that come to see me. Respected founder of QHHT, Dolores Cannon, taught us that "If the mind is powerful enough to make you sick, it is powerful enough to heal you", and indeed I have witnessed amazing emotional and physical self healing within the body. Within my practice over the last seven years, I have seen my clients heal their own issues, including skin problems, Type 2 Diabetes, chronic pain issues and more, as well as release fears, old patterns and programming that no longer serve them...all with using the power of the their own mind!


Hypnosis creates a platform for these changes to occur.  I have a great interest in helping clients heal their own bodies and helping them realize how powerful their own mind is in accomplishing these changes.


My second passion is for the healing and well-being of today's children.  I hear many life stories of my clients of when they were children. These stories shared with me in confidence are sad.  Some of my clients have lived through physical, mental and sexual abuse. It is my firm belief that hypnosis can help assist children release these deep emotional obstacles and hurdles before they enter into adulthood and experience difficulties in some or all areas of their adult lives as they struggle to reconcile and heal their past childhood traumas.  Lack of self worth and self confidence can contribute to ongoing pain within an individual affected by childhood trauma and emotional wounds. Adults of childhood traumas carry their memories and patterns of survival forward into their personal and professional relationships.  Dysfunction becomes the new way of life and of relating with others. Healthy human connections are lost. It is at this point that I usually meet adult clients who seek assistance in healing and releasing old patterns. 

Because of my passion to help children receive the healing benefits of QHHT as my adults clients have, I  made the decision this year to enter into clinical hypnosis to open the door for me to be able to work with young children and adolescents within my practice. Clinical Hypnosis can help children and young teens with fears, separation anxiety, depression, grief, behavioral issues, bedwetting and generalized anxiety. Being a Certified Clinical Hypnotist gives me the credentials and expertise to work with children and young teens in my office. This is something I thoroughly enjoy and look forward to expanding as more and more parents learn the benefits of using clinical hypnosis with children.

With the introduction of clinical hypnosis to my practice, QHHT Houston now offers two special healing modalities for working with children, Clinical Hypnosis and QHHT w/using a parent surrogate. While clinical hypnosis is suitable for working directly with children, QHHT is not, due to the nature of complex concepts involved within the process. However, QHHT can be used if one of the child's parents will serve as a surrogate stand-in for the child. Healing is brought forth through the parent to the child using the Quantum Field and is just as effective as if working directly with the child.


If you have never heard of QHHT before or never experienced clinical hypnosis in general, I encourage you to reach out to me and explore one of these options with me. I am hear to guide you every step of the way. Improved health and happiness using one of these techniques to help heal your mind and the body can truly be yours...without using potentially harmful drugs and invasive therapies! I have been working with clients using QHHT for over a decade now, and have seen first-hand the healing benefits and significant life improvements in the clients that I work with.


I am so grateful to God that I have been given this opportunity to help people in such a deep and loving way.  I look forward to sharing this amazing experience with you too.

For more information about how QHHT can be applied through the parent to help the child, please read the article Using The Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique To Heal Children and watch the video about this healing modality for children on the "about QHHT" page of this website.

Lynne Benton

Certified Clinical Hypnotist and Certified QHHT Practitioner
Quantum Healing Hypnosis - Houston, TX


About 10 years ago, I came to a cross-roads in my life. I knew I wanted to give back more, but HOW?


I had been working for a veterinarian for close to 25 years. I loved the animals and really enjoyed their owners as well. There is such joy experienced helping restore people's pets to health and well-being and being able to share in that love bond between animal and human. But still, I wanted to give back more, to give more of myself.


I decided that I wanted to turn my empathetic and listening skills into a counseling career. Unfortunately, the financial backing was hard to come by and I realized that I would have to redirect my goals.


Then something wonderful happened! I decided to turn my other passion, my love for flowers, into a full-time business. As if by magic, the heavens presented an opportunity to purchase a custom silk floral design shop in Austin, Texas. I created, along with my talented staff, one-of-a-kind pieces of art for commercial and residential spaces. Sharing the love and spreading the joy with each arrangement leaving the shop!


But once again, I felt the calling to do MORE! I wasn't sure what the MORE consisted of, but I felt certain I would be guided in the right direction.


Then, one day, one of my spiritual friends suggested that I read a book called, "Convoluted Universe", by acclaimed spiritual hypnotist and author, Dolores Cannon. The moment I started reading, her words profoundly resonated with me. I couldn't read fast enough! I thought, "Wow!, Could this really be possible? To use a technique to help enable people to receive such loving information and healing from their own Higher-Self?" The answer is, YES! So I embarked on a journey to study in person under Delores's supervision, to learn her incredible techniques of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy(TM). My studies are complete and I am currently part of a world-wide online community forum for dedicated practitioners of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy for continuing education.

I am so grateful to God that I have been given this opportunity to help people in such a deep and loving way. I look forward to sharing this amazing experience with you.

Lynne Benton

Certified QHHT Practitioner
Quantum Healing Hypnosis - Houston, TX

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